Best New Party Game 65: Rainy Day Movies

I realize this may be a little unrelatable if it hasn’t been raining for the past million years wherever you live, but to be honest I can’t even IMAGINE a place like that right now because THERE HAS BEEN SO MUCH RAIN WHERE I AM RECENTLY! And I traveled to another place last weekend and guess what, it was raining in the place I traveled to as well! ME ME ME! RAIN RAIN RAIN! But one thing that is always enjoyable on a rainy day, and even NOT a rainy day, is a wonderful little BNPG to play with your friends. So let’s do it! Rainy day movies! Make lemonade out of lemoRAIN! I’ll go first:

  • Rain’s World
  • Inside Man, Because It’s Raining Outside, Man
  • Puss in Rain Boots
  • Wet Cold American Bummer
  • The Quick and the Damp
  • Probably Literally Waterworld Pretty Soon

Oh, perfect. Just all perfect entries into this perfect, mood-brightening BNPG. Let’s keep the perfect tRAIN going! Chooo choooooo! Next stop FUNTOWN! Don’t forget your umbrellas, because it’s going to be raining there too!