The Choice: Finally, A Dating Show That Sounds Like A Good Idea That Will Definitely Work And Lead To True Love

Up until now it has been unclear why dating and marriage TV reality shows have yet to lead to many stable, long-lasting relationships. All the elements are there — being on TV, wanting to win a contest, maybe being able to continue onto other televised contests if your brand is recognizable enough — and yet contestants just can’t ever seem to work it out. Well, it looks like Fox has found the missing piece: DOING THE SHOW IN THE STYLE OF THE VOICE AND ALSO INCLUDING SOME DEFINITELY LOW-LEVEL CELEBRITIES! From Deadline:

Filmed in front of a live audience, each episode of The Choice begins with four eligible celebrity bachelors sitting in rotating chairs, turning their backs on the sexy singles looking for a date with them. In this initial “Blind Round,” each celebrity can only use his suitors’ voices – as they share information about their life, passions, turn-ons and turn-offs. When a celebrity bachelor likes what he hears, he pulls his “love handle,” spinning his chair around to bring him face-to-face for the first time with his potential date. If more than one celebrity pulls the handle, they must battle it out until the sexy single chooses a celebrity. Once each bachelor has his three hotties, the teams enter the “Speed Choice” round, where each woman has only 15 seconds to convince her celebrity to pick her for the final round.

In the final, beauty pageant-style round, host Cat Deeley–

ENOUGH! We’ve heard enough! We’re all on board and cannot wait to see these well-adjusted lovebirds support and take care of each other for the rest of their lives! You don’t even have to tell us anything about the final, beauty pageant-style round! We get it! It’s perfect! Just stop talking and put this TV show in front of our faces and LEAVE US ALONE!