This Ashton Kutcher “Dating Video” Is Incredibly Upsetting

The most fucked up thing about this video, more than the heavy racism*, more than the awful jokes, more than how we all just had to watch it even though we knew that we so badly did NOT want to watch it, is that THIS IS AN AD CAMPAIGN FOR CHIPS? Hey Mad Men: STOP TRYING TO MAKE CONFUSING “VIRAL VIDEO” AD CAMPAIGNS! THEY ARE ONLY VERY UPSETTING. AND DEFINITELY STOP MAKING RACIST ONES. JUST HAVE ASHTON KUTCHER TELL US TO BUY THE CHIPS. THEN PEOPLE WILL BUY THE CHIPS! I PROMISE YOU THAT IF YOU JUST HAVE HIM TELL US TO BUY THE CHIPS, AT LEAST SOME OF US WILL THEN BUY THE CHIPS. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon! Kind of!)

*Definitely not more than the heavy racism.