The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

It’s a terrible day where I live. And some people around here may have even just left to go pick up some lunch without remembering that it was raining (or, really, just without thinking that it was actually raining THAT much) and then were immediately soaked as they, whoever they are, walked out of their apartment into a downpour. And then this person, be they real or fictional, may have thought they could just stand the rain on the walk to the place where they were going, so they did not go back inside to get an umbrella. And then by the time they got to the place, they looked as if they had walked into the store right from taking a shower with their clothes on, and they felt very foolish and ashamed for leaving puddles everywhere they stood. Maybe. Who knows? Who know if anything in that story actually just happened to someone. All I know is that I think we could ALL use a few great animal videos today. Right? Right. LET’S GET TO THEM!

10. Penguins Jumping From Water Onto An Iceberg

9. Dog Needs To Hold Hands When Going For A Drive

8. Mouse Cuddles With A Kitten

7. Baby Monkey Licking A Window

6. Dog Guards Its Owner’s Bike

5. Dog And Parrot Fight Over A Yogurt Cup

4. Baby Husky And Mother

3. Perfect Sheep

2. Dog Hunts Wolf (Statue)

1. Cat In A Bag

Congratulations, Cat In A Bag! Really proving that you don’t have to do anything particularly new and flashy to be a VERY good animal video. Though everyone should know that Cat In A Bag only beat out Dog Hunts Wolf for the number one spot by a small margin. Both wonderful videos, both very stupid. Perfect Sheep is ALSO wonderful and very stupid and, hey, wouldn’t you know, so is Dog And Parrot Fight Over A Yogurt Cup! Our only brief respit from wonderful and stupid in the top five comes at number four, with the baby husky and its mother. Wonderful and adorable. Good job everyone, you’re all the best.