Girl Stuff: Learning Self Defense

Hey ladies! It’s almost summer, and you know what that means: ROMPER SEASON! Time to get out all those old rompers you bought because you thought they were dresses and decide if you’re not going to wear them this time around, either. So fun. So fun being a girl. But you know where being a girl gets a little tricky, aside from discerning between rompers and dresses? And also aside from 100% of everything else? When you’re alone and need to practice self defense. Not to scare anyone! This should be a safe and fun zone for girls to talk about girl things, like rompers, but as Gwen Stefani said sarcastically: “I’m just a girl.” We, as girls, NO BOYS ALLOWED, only need to learn a few basic tools in order to be prepared for anything a horrible man could throw at us in any one of the nightmare scenarios that run through our heads when we are walking anywhere or trying to fall asleep. CAN WE DO IT? YES WE CAN!

Or maybe just don’t go outside? Let’s all just stay inside, boys too. It’s nice in here! (Via TheDailyWhat)