Hugh Grant Is Clearly Tired Of People Checking On His Child

Hey, remember when Hugh Grant said those weird things about how he “liked” his daughter, but how having her hasn’t really changed his life at all? That was weird! Weird that a person could even feel that way, and then weird because even if you DO feel that way, which you should not, you certainly don’t TELL EVERYONE that you feel that way! What’s going on Hugh Grant!? Lie better! Apparently he has now received the WHAT IS GOING ON and LIE BETTER memos, and clarified how much having his daughter has changed his life on Ellen:

“It’s surprising that everyone was right all these years. Saying ‘Hugh, why don’t you have some children. It changes your life.’ And, you’re thinking, oh shut-up. And now that I have [a child] it is life changing,” he added. “I recommend it. Get some.”

To be fair, back in March in response to the question of whether or not his daughter had changed his life, he DID say “Not yet. Not massively, no.” So it’s only fair that we gave him another month to test the waters. Maybe he didn’t yet realize that you had to feed them every day? Or that they were a thing you had to have for the rest of your life? Babies are difficult to understand at first, I bet! (Thanks for the tip , Ash!)