Game Of Thrones Open Thread

Another straight-up knock out. Are you kidding me with this show? BOOM! SMOKE MONSTER KILLS THE KING OF NULLUS! Right off the bat we are up in this show’s guts. Then it’s just one thing after another. These guys are really going at it! You’ve got one thing after another with these guys. Poor Sir Jorah, though, am I right? He just wants to be Mr. Dragon so bad. He’s like (500) Days of Khalesi. And we learned this week that there are no functional mirrors in Quarth, otherwise that one bald dude would probably NOT look like that. “You can subscribe to the dark arts but it will make you look like this. [Hold up mirror.]” “No thanks!” Arya is probably going to be tried as an accessory to murder by Judge Joe Brown if he ever finds out what’s going on, but it’s fun. Kind of, though, right? I don’t think murder is supposed to be that fun, but it’s pretty fun. Get him! Get him weird guy! Also: Tyrion. Always: Tyrion. GAME OF THROOOOONNEESSSS!