“3 Second Rule” And Bad Music Video Production In General

So, is this is? Is this the rest of our lives? Because Rebecca Black accidentally got famous for two minutes last year, everybody is going to try to make a terrible music video and be famous for two minutes, because even if you’re famous for people disliking you you’re at least still famous and that’s all that matters in the end anyway? And we’ll all continue to pass these videos around to each other, laughing, as if the joke isn’t the same each time, and as if the joke isn’t really ON US? Until the idea of the “bad joke song” is so pervasive that we hardly even notice when it bleeds into the idea of the “bad normal song” and then, as we grow more accustomed to it, the “GOOD SONG”? I DON’T WANT IT!

Though in this case, this is a pretty solid rule. Very interesting take on the idea of only letting a piece of food stay on the ground for a few seconds before eating it. Listen up, fellas! LOOK DON’T TOUCH! (Thanks for the tip, Sara and Camille!)