The New Mel Gibson Rant Is Strictly For The Rant Heads

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since the Mel Gibson Tapes were released, those fascinating and entirely horrible glimpses into the broken mind of a very sad but also probably super dangerous monster. These, of course, were the tapes his ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva made of him during their domestic disputes over things like who should be buried in the rose garden and who was a “n*****r.” During the early summer months of 2010, these tapes were released slowly, like a morphine drip, if the morphine was made out of human bile and existential garbage. They were terrible things! And then Gibson and Grigorieva settled out of court. And then The Beaver came and went. And for the most part it seemed like the delicious ignorance of living in a Mel Gibson-free world was once again available to us. Until last week when screenwriter Joe Eszterhas’s inflammatory email to Gibson was released on the Internet, reminding the world that Mel Gibson was the Highlander of anti-Semitism and ego-mania. He had absorbed his father’s Holocaust-denial and enough Hollywood Jew Money that until someone chopped off his head, there would be no way to contain or absorb that dangerous power. Shucks. Life is what happens when you’re busy pretending Mel Gibson doesn’t exist. BUT SO ANYWAY, of course there is now an AUDIO TAPE to accompany Eszterhas’s accusations (as if we needed proof, as if those accusations didn’t just sound right on the button). You don’t need to listen to this tape, but not listening to it isn’t going to make the world any less dark and scary and full of stupid assholes.

This happens! A lifetime of experiences both good and bad conspire to create a human being who feels that it is entirely acceptable and within his rights to treat another human being this way. Let me remind you that this kind of behavior would be grotesque and abhorrent if he was upset about an actual real problem that had dramatic stakes and real-time consequences, but he’s actually just screaming because he wants a draft of a screenplay and he doesn’t have one. Human beings, ladies and germs. They contain multitudes. Well, not this one. Mel Gibson does NOT contain multitudes. Someone flipped the asshole switch on this bad boy and then snapped the lever off at the base and all the asshole repairmen took a long weekend. Leave a voicemail. (Via Dlisted.)