The Zooey Deschanel iPhone Commercial

“Siri, make me smell like mangosteens.”
“Siri, where’s the nearest knitting club?”
“Siri, I don’t feel like wearing normal shoes today. Cobble me some cardboard Michel Gondry espadrilles.”
“Siri, remind me to examine my own body with a hand mirror for a deeper understanding of my sexuality. Tomorrow.”
“Siri, who invented yarn?”
“Siri, invite my contact list over for a mid-morning limbo party and also order a limbo stick from the limbo stick store.”
“Siri, call Europe.”
“Siri, what frozen yogurt toppings do you like best? I mean besides mochi?”
“Siri! It’s me Zooey! Siri! Hi, Siri! Zooey!”