Game Of Thrones Open Thread

Last night’s episode was admittedly a little boring. TEAM CONFUSING! Is everyone a king now? Kind of feels like each week there are three new kings. I read the first three books and I barely even have a grasp on what’s happening at the moment. Not that I mind. It’s fun! Everyone sounds like a Princess and there’s so much meat on the table! Speaking of princesses, I like that new one who doesn’t know which way she prefers to wear her dress. LOL! Which way?! Ahhhh! (Just kidding, we all know which way.) She is pretty but I think she has some control issues. As is the case every single week, the best part this week was the demonstration of power. Tyrion’s ruse was very clever, sure, but even better was when the ruse was over and he confronted that old man in his bedroom and then also heard the riddle from Matt Pinfield. Great stuff. Also EEK! EEEK! EEK! with the VERY SLOW AND TENDER SWORD MURDERS. Good God! That was just horrifying. Next week: please, sire, may I have some more.