Is There A Worse Way To Watch A Movie Than In A Rowboat?

Above is an image taken a million years ago in 2009 during a screening of Titanic in which all of the viewers dressed in old-timey clothing and sat in rowboats, and it reminded me of this Titanic recreation voyage going on right now that I do not understand at all, because what?, and also why?, and noooo!, and it also reminded me of the real-time Titanic Twitter account going on right now that I DO understand for sure, but mostly it reminded me of THE WORST WAY TO WATCH ANY MOVIE THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN! Not one person in that (very timely) photograph looks like they’re 100 NAUTICAL MILES near even the idea of comfort. I certainly get that it’s a “thing” to watch Titanic in a rowboat, and I love “things,” like I would definitely watch Buffalo ’66 at a bowling alley* or whatever, but Titanic in a rowboat? No thanks. Not even comfortable enough to go rowing in for any extended period of time. Which brings me to my question: Is there a worse way to watch a movie than in a rowboat? I’ve thought of a few other scenarios to inform your decision:

  • In an empty parking lot just on the ground
  • Standing
  • Sitting in a grocery cart
  • On an almost broken kitchen table chair in an acquaintance’s home
  • Bleachers

Please take some time to think about it and vote in our poll:

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Thank you for voting. Titanic 3D in theaters now. (Via reddit.)

*Probably not true, actually.