Duh Aficionado Magazine: Mel Gibson Is Still Mel Gibson

Just in case anyone had somehow come to believe that Mel Gibson was no longer Mel Gibsoning it up all over the place with his classic Mel Gibsonisms, a letter that screenwriter Joe Eszterhas wrote to Mel Gibson after never hearing any feedback on a script he’d written for him is making the rounds of the Internet and it’s REAL Mel Gibsony. First Eszterhas claimed that the defunct project, The Maccabees, about the Jewish hero Judah Macabee was simply Mel Gibson’s disingenuous attempt to improve his standing with, you know, everyone who’d ever heard anything else he’d said about Jews, but that he never actually planned to go through with the actual movie, which, well right, probably not? Do we really need the writer of Sliver to tell us that? But then he went on. And on. From TheWrap

“You continually called Jews ‘Hebes’ and ‘oven-dodgers’ and ‘Jewboys.’ It seemed that most times when we discussed someone, you asked ‘He’s a Hebe, isn’t he?’ You said most ‘gatekeepers’ of American companies were ‘Hebes’ who ‘controlled their bosses.'”

“You said the Holocaust was ‘mostly a lot of horseshit.’ You said the Torah made reference to the sacrifice of Christian babies and infants. When I told you that you were confusing the Torah with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, … you insisted ‘it’s in the Torah — it’s in there!’ (It isn’t).”

Yup! CLASSIC MEL! You can’t even get mad at this guy at this point. I mean, you can. But would you get mad at the sun for DENYING THE HOLOCAUST? Would you ask the rain not to REFER TO JEWS AS OVEN-DODGERS? Oven dodgers is a new one, and guess what: I DON’T LIKE IT! Although I am impressed by the Super Bowl Halftime Show Tightrope Crotch Dancer level of intellectual acrobatics required to refer to Jews as oven dodgers while also claiming that the Holocaust was bullshit. Like, WHICH IS IT? But like I said: Mel bein’ Mel. Haters gon’ be Mel Gibson. You mad. He mad. Everyone mad. Kind of wish this update wasn’t coming from Joe Eszterhas, since he’s basically American Sleezeball #1 who, not unlike Mel Gibson, only ever made any attempt to clean up his image and/or tone it down in any way whatsoever when his father was investigated for NAZI WAR CRIMES and he GOT CANCER. Hey, life is tough and if you’re a better person than you used to be that’s wonderful, I’m just saying sometimes it’s nice to be a good person for the sake of it and not as some kind of moral recalibration in the face of cosmic punishment or whatever. Don’t be a dick in the first place, dicks! That is the one thing I would say to the sun and the rain. Otherwise, you do you, sun and rain.