This Is Just A Very Baller Photo Of Dustin Diamond

Last night, at the Videogum Anniversary Party, which, thank you to everyone who came, and where were you last night to everyone who didn’t make it, but all in all what a very nice time and a great way to celebrate what is literally an impossible thing (this site for four years? Get out of town) but so last night Scott from Stereogum and I were talking about bar mitzvahs, OBVIOUSLY, because OBVIOUSLY, and he asked if my bar mitzvah party had a theme. It did not. I mean, unless you consider Doing The Limbo in Patent Leather Shoes and Eating Cold Cuts and Getting a Disc Man From My Great Uncle (R.I.P.) That I Used to Listen to the CD of Prince’s Diamond and Pearls That I Received As a Gift From One of My Friends at the Lowest Possible Volume Even On Headphones Because Can You Imagine the Hot Water I’d Be in if Mom Found Out What It Actually Was a theme. Scott said that where he grew up, everyone’s party had a theme, and his party’s theme was “skiing.” Oh man. I laughed so hard when he told me that. I mean, it’s just perfect. A “skiing” themed party? For 13 year olds? GAHHHHH! It kills me. Everyone dancing the hora in parkas. Sno cones or something? Mulled cider. I’m making all of this up, Scott never said what a “skiing” themed party even meant. Just piles of cocaine on every table and souvenir bags full of engraved wrap-around Oakley’s. The best! Congratulations to Videogum on four years running. Congratulations to Scott on his skiing-themed bar mitzvah party. And congratulations to Dustin Diamond on this baller shit right here. (Image via InternetLurker. Click through to enlarge.)