Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Before Peter Dinklage was Mr. Thrones, he was “Wake Up Guy” on Seinfeld. It’s very easy to tell that it’s him because not-famous Peter Dinklage he has the same voice as Famous Peter Dinklage. Now you know! -WarmingGlow
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones has been renewed for a third season! Hooray! Everyone loves that show and I still haven’t seen it but I bet it’s great! -TheDailyWhat
  • “Hey! An article about Justified!” -Videogum -TheAtlantic
  • President Obama gave a very animated reading of Where the Wild Things are to a bunch of children during the White House’s annual Easter egg hunt. It is cute, obviously. We have a cute president and I would like him fine if he would just stop trying to tax the wealthy. -Uproxx
  • Remember the old lady who wrote the Olive Garden review? Anthony Bourdain is going to put out a book of her work, or something like that. He’s going to work with her on a book. Your favorite book! -CBS
  • Alton Brown wrote up a list of things his fans should never do if they meet him in person, which sounds super gross, and some of them are a little gross, but most of them are reasonable. Pretty much it’s just that he’s not Mr. ‘N Sync and not what your friends think. Here you go, in case you ever meet Alton Brown and want to hug him. (Don’t!) -AltonBrown
  • Bruce Miller, the composer of the Frasier theme, wrote a blog about where the lyrics came from. If you even WANT to know, at this point. -BestWeekEver
  • Oh great, there is another “leaked” Chevy Chase voicemail to Dan Harmon on the Internet. Here it is, if you absolutely need to listen to it! Really ask yourself if you do! This is a test! -PopCultureBrain
  • Jennifer Aniston is going to play a hooker in a movie with Jason Sudeikis. But who should play the kids?! -FilmDrunk
  • And, finally, Jennifer Love Hewitt wears vanilla extract as perfume. Thank you and goodnight! -Dlisted