UNDENIABLE Evidence: Extraterrestrials Are Flying Over South Korea

Grab your tinfoil hats! Grab your birthday hats so you have them on-hand for the Videogum birthday party tonight! Grab your giant plastic bottles of water from the freezer! Grab that folder full of documents that you’ve been meaning to get to, even though at this point you’re probably out of time with most of them! Grab your snackies and your sockies! Grab your sunglasses, for sure! Grab your laptop and your old, broken laptop because maybe you can get that fixed on the way and get those things you wanted off of it finally! Grab your favorite outfit and accessories to take it from day to night, put it all in your gym bag, and GTFOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Aliens have been found, FOR REAL THIS TIME. You have been warned. From The Daily Mail:

A mysterious round white object was filmed whizzing around a passenger plane above Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on April 7.

The clip, which has been uploaded to YouTube, begins with the ‘craft’ at the bottom of the screen, keeping pace with the passenger plane.

But then it speeds up and rises in altitude before zipping off out of shot, just as the startled person filming it tries to zoom in for a closer look.

And this video taken just three days ago. Could they be flying in the airspace above where you live by now, you may be wondering? UH-HUH. Let’s check out the video so you at least know what you’re in for.

Chilling. Please print out this list of things aliens most commonly masquerade as and laminate it:

  • Plastic bags
  • Hats
  • Ghosts?
  • Buttons
  • Deflated balloons

Together we can take this planet back. Just kidding. It’s already theirs. RIP. (Via BlameItOn.)