Kirk Cameron Compares America To Nazi Germany, Obviously

Oh, Kirk Cameron. You are OUR generation’s Victoria Jackson! At first, when Kirk Cameron says something, my immediate reaction is that it must just be embarrassing for political conservatives. Why can’t he be on the other guys’ team?! That’s what I imagine the reaction is. Do we have to keep this one or can we throw him back in Whoops Ocean? But actually I think it’s a little more complicated than that. Or at the very least, I’m sure the degree of embarrassment that people might feel over being identified with Kirk Cameron is at least commensurate with how they imagine a politically liberal person must or at least should feel when Sean Penn saves Haiti, or when some unwashed co-ed occupies the quad and demands free shampoo for all Americans. What I mean is that both huge, complicated, co-mingling sides has their fair share of Court Jesters. Ridiculousness is in the eye of the beholder, etc, etc. But all of that being said, even Dennis Miller has to admit that this clip of Kirk Cameron on a Trinity Broadcasting Network talk show (a Trinity Whatsit Now?) talking about how dangerously close America is to becoming Nazi Germany in almost impossibly facile terms is uh pretty embarrassing. That’s your boyfriend’s political articulation and all that.

Oh good grief. KIRK! MY MAN, KIRK! Setting aside all of the ways in which America is in absolutely no danger of becoming Nazi Germany especially while there is a black president in office because eracism and what in the hell are you even talking about Kirk Cameron, it is incredible to imagine how vociferously and vehemently the right would be outraged if someone on the left made a similar claim. For example, imagine that Rachel Maddow didn’t even bother to go so far as to claim that America was on the decline or that we were in danger of falling under the spell of a genocidal maniac, but simply took the American flag lapel pin off of her blazer. GASP! I’m all for healthy debate and clear-eyed honesty about our actual situation, but if the right has determined that no one is ever allowed to say anything even remotely critical of this country, then they’re not allowed to just break that rule whenever they want. I mean, they do, and they will, and please know that I am aware that the left has its own set of established rules that it constantly breaks, but wahhh wahhh wahhh it’s not fair! Seriously, though, which is it? Are we the greatest country in the world, or are we NAZI GERMANY?!

Not that this is particularly new for Cameron. This is basically what the #1 movie in America, Monuments, is all about. Although, I’m confused, is America on its way to being Nazi Germany or on its way to being the Roman Empire, because YOOPS those are two REALLY DIFFERENT things! Oh well. Maybe we will all find out when Kirk Cameron visits that one statue and asks some dude at an Irish pub how to “fix it.” He’s the father of six kids, you know. So, he cares about stuff.

Kirk Cameron everybody! The one man with his head on straight, if you ask him. (Thanks for the tip, Beariffiying Fartstein. Also: good name, Beariffiying Fartstein!)