This Week In GIFs!

GIFS GIFS GIFS GIFSGIFSGIFS GIFS GIFS GIFSGIFSGIFS! This thing but then type in “GIFs.” That’s how we’re feeling right now. Hahah, actually, that doesn’t really work if you type in “GIFs.” It doesn’t really say it right, but you get the idea. GIFs! Maybe just type in your own name? The point is that we need to bring using that website back, and we’re going to start right here, in this GIFs post, for no reason. Very good website. Very good GIFs coming up. This Mad Men GIF at the top, for example, is adorable and perfect. More of that to come. More gibberish to come. GIFs!

The Hunger Games came out and everyone in the world saw it, apparently!

Mad Men Came Back!

We watched Downton Abbey!

We fell asleep while standing!

We talked about this pizza magnet!

We heard an amazing story about Gary Busey!

John Cena made us think about Chuck and Blair!

And, finally, Thursday night TV happened!