Looking Great, James Franco!

This is a picture of James Franco on the set of a new Harmony Korine movie about spring break called Spring Breakers. (“We want the title to be on the nose, but not TOO on the nose.” – Harbody Kerhan.) WELL, LADIES, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR WONDERFUL BOYFRIEND NOW? Still great? Fair enough. Naturally, the would-be rap star Riff Raff from the short-lived Vh1 series, From G’s to Gents, says that James Franco is playing him. Sure, Riff Raff. That’s almost definitely true. For one thing, it sure SOUNDS true. And for another thing, since you yourself aren’t a ridiculous, self-delusional, comical parody of what a meth-faced Kevin Federline in a Tweetie Bird hat in a Die Antwoord spoof on MadTV would be like in the first place, there is no way for anyone to have come up with the idea of putting corn rows in their hair and making a fool on stage but to have ripped it from YOUR headlines. But seriously, ladies. Ladies! Look at your boy. Hot stuff. I’m not sure where he even found time to get his hair braided since his book of free verse poetry about different soups he’s eaten is due to his publisher before his next lecture on the semiotics of James Franco, but I guess he squeezed it in during his dissertation defense. The point is congrats ladies. You are so lucky to be physically intimate with this guy and also be married to him. “It’s crazy how much money we save on laundry ever since he threw all his shirts away.” XOXOXO 4EVER. (Via Celebitchy. Click through to enlarge.)