Who Should Be Our Generation’s Darrin Stephens?

So, here’s a dumb question: who should be OUR generation’s Darrin Stephens? Hahha. GOOD QUESTION! Powerful stuff. This blog refuses to shy away from the American Soul. But, no, wait, for real, just for fun, who would it be? Darrin Stephens, of course, was Samantha’s husband on Bewtiched, who was very famously played by Dick York when the show began, only to be replaced by Dick Sargent later on, and because both men were named Dick, NO ONE EVEN NOTICED! (See also: James Bond, which is not a TV show, but I don’t understand why you’re being such a stickler for logical consistency since this is all just silly and the Internet should be burned to the ground.) It was for real a memorable TV herstory moment, though, to change out one of the main actors on a super popular show and not even mention it, just, YOOPS, now this married couple that we have emotionally invested in is still married and one of them is still a witch but the other one got Face/Off surgery and just deal with it. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other Darrins. Anyway, I was thinking about how badly that would go over in today’s “market” (please kill me) (just kidding, please don’t kill me, CAN I LIVE?) but how it would also be so funny if one day you turned on New Girl, or whatever, and Zooey Deschanel’s character was now being played by, I don’t know, who’s a person? Greta Gerwig? Is that something? So you turn on New Girl and it’s just Greta Gerwig and at first you’re like, oh, this must be some kind of stunt casting thing to get new viewers, but the next week you tune back in (because you love to tune in to things) and it’s Greta Gerwig again, and it just is her forever and no one ever says anything and you think maybe you’re going crazy but you aren’t, you’ve just been DARRIN’D along with the rest of America.

But, so, who should be the new Darrin? Click and Clack from Car Talk as the gay couple on Modern Family, yes, but WHO ELSE IS A FUNNY MAKE BELIEVE?