A Robot Can Jump Very High

Let’s say you’re being chased by a robot that is definitely going to murder you as soon as it catches you. The motivation of the robot is either something like robots have all come together to eliminate the human race, and at first you think it is because they’re evil, but then you find out that it is actually because they are pure and good and they need to destroy humanity because humanity has gotten too evil and cold-hearted and Earth-kill-y, and it’s kind of a parable or a Twilight Zone episode, OR it’s just that a robot that has gotten its wiring mixed up and is now bent on destruction. In either case, you are going to be murdered by this robot ASAP if you don’t find an escape route. Around you is a very tall building with a removable ladder, a rake, a gun, a bucket of water, and a bomb. WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you run as fast as you can up the ladder and then take the ladder up with you and throw the bomb down on the robot?

NO! Because the robot will jump onto the roof and murder you. It was a trick question. There’s nothing you can do! RIP you & me! The future (when we are all dead) is now! (Via ViralViral.)