This Is Us Right Now

Father, please give us a break. As you may know (you’ve had far more experience with it than we have) this life can be exhausting. And we don’t always get all the sleep we need to prepare ourselves for the coming day because, yes, sometimes we stay up reading when we are not supposed to be, if we are even at the age where children are supposed to be able to read, but then you pile all these activities on us that we barely even enjoy and it’s like, what are we even supposed to do? Not fall asleep in our skis while standing and around a bunch of other people in the bright light of day? The least you can do is not make a spectacle of us. Just let us get through it, and maybe take us home and give us a nap. And then wake us up when the hot cocoa with marshmallows is ready, because we want that too. And also a grilled cheese. And also some TV time. Thank you for understanding. (Via DailyPics.)