The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

HEY DUDES! Are you very excited to watch all these animal videos right now? You should be. You should be SUPER excited. Because unlike last week, which was a great week, obviously, I’m not putting down last week, but unlike last week this week’s animal videos are VARIED! Not just cats and dogs, not for the week of March 28th. Nah uh. That’s March 21st’s game. This week we have an otter, parrots, other stuff, an EAGLE. All kinds of animals just waiting to entertain you on YouTube video. So let’s not waste any more time talking about them and let’s please for the love of god start WATCHING THEM! It’s time! It’s time it’s time it’s time!

10. Baby Polar Bear Digging In The Ground

9. Baby Squirrel Eating

8. Sad Pug Stands In The Corner

7. Bulldog Chasing A Ball Attached To Its Leg

6. Happy Cows

5. Parrots Talking To Each Other

4. Sleepy Great Dane Wakes Up From A Nap

3. A Bald Eagle, A Fox, And Cats Hang Out On A Porch

2. Baby Otter Drinking From A Bottle

1. World’s Tiniest Puppy

CONGRATULATIONS BEYONCE! Normally we don’t give first place to famous puppies, just kidding, there are no rules at all, but this one we made an “exception” for because DID YOU SEE HOW TINY SHE IS? Holy moly. Hats off to her for her size and her resilience. Hats also off to the otter on its own resilience and how cute it is and how it is the best. The otter used to be my favorite kind of animal before I didn’t have a favorite kind of animal anymore, and at one point I had an otter-shaped notepad. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Congratulations to the otter and to all of us for getting to hear that story. Obviously all those ridiculous animals on the porch are great, as is the sleepy, slippery dog. The parrots talking to each other are funny because it’s like they’re humans but they’re not! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR LUCKY WINNERS! You guys are the best!