Come Celebrate Videogum’s Fourth Birthday!

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again, but it’s that time of year again: mildly niche pop culture blog’s birthday time! Hooray! Videogum is celebrating four years of existence this April, and we are inviting you, our best friends forever, to join us. Technically, the official birthday is April 8th, but that’s on Easter Sunday this year. Amen. So we’re throwing a party on Tuesday, April 10th. You should come! This year we’re getting back to our roots by returning to the location of our very first Anniversary Party: the upstairs bar at Professor Thom’s, on 2nd Avenue in New York City’s glamorous East Village. Ooh-la-la. So old school. #CRISP. Everyone wearing a Crisp hoodie gets in free. (Everyone else also gets in free.) We’ll have some delicious cake, and there will be drinks, and hopefully we will have a couple other fun surprises (Characters Ideas Welcome) to make the night a Prom To Remember*, so won’t you please just come and celebrate? What, you already have plans on Tuesday, April 10th? Liar Liar.

Details after the jump.

Where: Professor Thom’s Upstairs (219 2nd Avenue)
When: Tuesday, April 10th
Time: 7PM-11PM
Why: Videogum’s Fourth Anniversary
Age: 21+

This event is FREE and even more importantly FUN. You can meet Kelly and argue with her about whether or not You Can Count on Me is a good movie. (It is. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.) A real case of He Said/Kelly Said. Shake hands with someone from Stereogum. Marry a fellow monster. Eat a whole cake by yourself if you want, Steve-O Jr. Stage an Improv Everywhere Mission. Whatever, man! Follow your bliss. Write it down: “April 10th, follow my bliss.” See you soon!

*We reserve the right for this to not be anything like a prom.