Hi, I’m Courtney Stodden For PETA

WARNING: there are some pretty graphic images of animals dying starting at 1:22. ADDITIONAL WARNING: there are some pretty graphic images of Courtney Stodden starting at 0:01.

Oh brother. PETA! You OK? You guys OK? Did everyone call in sick one day and Courtney Stodden just wandered into the offices and taped this herself while sitting on Doug Hutchinson’s face? Is that what happened? I’ve got to be completely honest: I like animals and everything, but if you’re having trouble drawing people to your cause, which I feel like you are always having trouble drawing people to your cause because of how people enjoy wearing nice shoes and eating big steaks, then maybe you should leave the spaghetti-bikini-clad nincompoops out of it. Or, if you realized what Diet Sprite knew years ago, that sex really does sell, at least don’t let the sex talk. Because YIKES. The sex sounds real dumb! Anyway, good luck with your ad. I heard McDonald’s is going out of business this afternoon because of this ad and Barack Obama is awarding only one Presidential Medal of Freedom this year, to Courtney Stodden’s vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. Congratulations to the dinner. (Via Celebitchy.)

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