Headline Of The Day: Woman Who Fell Off Pier After Texting While Walking Shares Her Story

Let me take a wild swing in the dark at what this story might be that the woman who fell off a pier after texting while walking might be ready to share. Here’s what I’ve got so far, and remember, this is just speculation, but did she fall off a pier after texting while walking? Is that the whole story? Of course not! (I mean, it absolutely is, but let’s play along with the local news station, because they worked so hard on this piece!) From ABC 57:

Earlier in the evening Miller, her husband Greg and her 15-year-old son Quinn had been walking along the pier enjoying the weather. They had just passed the end of the railings that extend only about half the length of the pier when Miller realized she had to send a text.

Chilling stuff. To hear the rest of her story, please watch this powerful, emotional clip. If you have children, you might want to send them out of the room. To school. Where they will learn something, anything.

EXCLUSIVE: DANGEROUS FALL. It’s very brave of Mrs. Miller to speak out on this, despite her embarrassment. Almost none of us ever realized that you shouldn’t text while driving and/or text without looking where you’re going at all. Brand new information for most of us, so thank you. Also: what were the three words she texted?! Oh to be a fly on the screen of that phone. Also: did she only manage to type three words because she is very bad at texting and it takes her a long time, or because she started texting with one foot already dangling in mid-air off the pier? GET THE SCOOP, ABC 57!