Here Aren’t Some Afternoon Links

As you may have noticed, Kelly is off today and it’s just like ugh. Right? Kelly! Come back! She will be back. If you blog something, set it free, and if it blogs for you tomorrow, please RT. Normally, Kelly puts together a link round-up every afternoon, and it’s a real treat for everybody. We learn about fun new things, we spread the wisdom and excitement of the Internet, and it’s also a nice change of pace from the day’s “Hey doesn’t THIS stink, too?!” run of full posts. But, without her here, some of us, and it could be any of us, no way to know which of this her absence affects, are a little bit unsure of what to do. I’m pretty sure Kelly’s afternoon link round-up posts are the plot of the number one movie in America for 19 weeks straight, I Don’t Know How She Does It. Like, I saw that Azaelia Banks has a new song out. That’s cool. But it’s not even Videogum material. Which is why it’s on Stereogum. So forget it. But, like, what else? Ahhhh! What else?! Tumblr? I don’t know! Did you guys see anything? If you saw something, comment something. What are today’s hot links? Are we even a family or what? WHY IS NO ONE HELPING ME?! #KONY2012