The Videogum Movie Club: The Hunger Games Open Thread

AHHHHHHHHHH! THE HUNGER GAAAAAAMESSSSSS! I haven’t actually seen it yet, but apparently everyone else has. It took in more than 155 million dollars, which is SO MANY MILLIONS of dollars, making it the third biggest opening weekend ever, and the biggest opening weekend on a spring weekenzzzzzzzzzzz. That stuff is boring, but the point is that everyone loves The Hunger Games. Sure! Your mom texted you this weekend and was like “DO U THINK GALE WILL EVER FORGIVE CATNESS?” followed by a string of sadface emoji. I’ll see it eventually, although I’m never really that clear on why movie adaptations of wildly successful books make people so excited. You already read the book, right? So you know what’s going to happen. I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s costume parade through The Capital, I’m just saying it’s a little odd to go in with a head that is FALLING OFF but also FULL OF SPOILERS. As an adult man, I haven’t have read all three of the books, so I can’t, wait, what? How did that happen? Not important. Don’t worry about it. Adult stuff. Shhh. But so, I can speak to one thing, at least, about the out-of-control success of this movie, which is that just 11 years ago a movie came out called Battle Royale that was pretty similar in a bunch of ways, but that movie was BANNED. It just goes to show you how quickly our communal attitudes towards Forced Child Slaughter can change. And also how much it helps the Box Office Revenue for the people to be doing the killing/dying to be white. How big of a help? Banned vs. 155 million dollars difference.