Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I really liked last night’s Community. It’s easy — for me at least — it’s very easy for me to be miserable about things — to pick things to complain about with Community. Like how they can’t seem to get through an episode without a self-aware jab at the audience’s inability to connect with their “wacky” characters (a jab at the audience, really, more than Community itself) (which is VERY ANNOYING) (and incorrect). Or how Abed’s character went off the deep end last night in a way that seemed kind of forced. But really, that is all nitpick-y and not the way I really felt about the episode. The way I really felt about the episode was that it was great! The celebrity impersonators were funny, the idea that Abed would hire celebrity impersonators was funny, and French Stewart is ALWAYS funny, no duh. But it will be interesting to see where they go with Abed after this episode. I am interested, at least. After Community we had two episodes of 30 Rock. First I thought my DVR screwed up and was so mad about it, but then I realized that it did not. The End. Kenneth kind of pulled an Abed in the first episode, telling Jack that he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep telling himself that everything’s fine, so I am ALSO interested to see where they’ll go with that. The second episode featured Billy Baldwin (AKA Serena’s dad) in the role of Jack for the Lifetime movie about Avery, which was very good. Also Miranda did a good Jack’s Boston girlfriend. ALSO WEIRD AL! Of the two episodes, I preferred the second, mostly because that one had Weird Al in it. I also watched Up All Night, because I am a hero, and it was not bad. Henry Winkler was on it! Truly a night of guest stars.