Best New Party Game 64: Outdoor Movies

Hey everybody, it’s been so nice outside lately! On the one hand it’s a little strange because the winter was so mild (here where I live, but maybe also where you live?), and it’s only March now and we’re already all in our shorts and t-shirts. What’s the deal with that? Is it because the world is ending soon and it thought it would make our final few months more pleasant than normal? Maybe! Who knows! Only god. In any case, let’s celebrate being able to leave our house and do things outside for extended periods of time by staying inside on our computers and playing a party game! Outdoor movies! I will go first:

  • You Can Count On Me, To Be On Time For The Picnic
  • Fat Alfrescobert
  • The Park Knight
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Hikes Back To That Nice Spot Where You Can See The Whole City
  • Outside Job

Your turn now! Take your turn and then go outside!