Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • There’s a piece in the New York Times about Todd Barry. Haha, it’s basically full of put-downs? I’m sure it’s very flattering to have a NYTimes article written about you even IF it describes you as “a short, middle-aged, bald comic with a paunch.” -NYTimes
  • This is a montage of all of the women Don Draper hooked up with in season four of Mad Men. I never noticed before, but I guess that guy gets a lot of different women! Do remember that season five premieres this Monday morning on Nick Jr. -Flavorwire
  • Rich Juzwiak wrote a piece for Gawker about why he will never write another TV recap and everything about it is correct. -Gawker
  • Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live included a segment in which celebrities read negative Twitter comments about themselves. It’s basically great but also a little sad in how obvious it is that the popular celebrities had to find weird, random ones, and the unpopular celebrities def did not. -JimmyKimmel
  • Here John Slattery explains the Bobby Draper/January Jones controversy from last August, kind of. Basically she is just horrible to the children onscreen and off? And also probably every adult? Got it. -Vulture
  • Uhhh so, here is a weird video in which a guy plugs a thing into itself and uses a lighter to make electricity? It’s weird. I mean, it is fake, obviously. It a weird prank video, I guess? Or something? Why are we all watching this? -TheDailyWhat
  • Oh hey, you’ll like this! Omar from The Wire, AKA Michael K. Williams, is going to star as Ol’ Dirty Bastard in an upcoming ODB biopic! How about that! Pretty good, right? -FilmDrunk
  • Jeremy Sisto, AKA Alton, had a son and he gave his son an incredible name. His daughter’s name is apparently Charlie-Ballerina (??) (?????) if that gives you any idea of how incredible his brain is at naming. -Dlisted