A Military Dad Who Dressed Up As Captain America To Surprise His Kids, Because Sometimes Things Are Nice

It’s such a nice day outside today, guys. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, I have the window next to my computer open and get to see and hear how well things are going out there, and feel a bit of the air sometimes. IT’S NICE! I hope it’s a nice day today where you are, too. It’s kind of distractingly nice, to be honest, in that it’s difficult to find things to be upset about in the world and write about them for a blog when all you can do is think about how lucky you are just to be ALIVE and able to feel the AIR on your SKIN and wear SUNGLASSES and SHORT SHORTS. Also there’s nothing really going on today. Is everyone outside? What’s up, dudes? GET BACK TO YOUR COMPUTERS AND REPORT THE CELEB BLOOPER NEWS THAT I KNOW MUST BE HAPPENING SOMEWHERE! So in honor of all of that, here is a very sweet video of a father dressed like Captain America, returning from Afganistan to surprise his son on his birthday. What a sweet hero! Let’s all go outside and get married!

Awwww. Very glad the little boys hugged the father at the end. Would have been not a great ending if they just sat at the table the whole time. So, yes! Life is good! Families are together again! And they’re very sweet to each other! And VERY CUTE! Let’s all go outside and get some lemonade and talk about our plans for the summer, I’ll meet you on the roof! (Via OHYST.)