Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Well, ok. Here is the cast of Downton Abbey as dogs? I hardly understand this, but I do understand that it has Downton Abbey in it and I do understand that it has dogs in it and I do understand that this is the Internet, so, here we are. -BuzzFeed
  • The teen blog Rookie Mag has a recurring Q&A segment called “Ask A Grown Man,” and the grown man this time is Dave Hill! Oh, great! We love him because he is the best! -Rookie
  • Apparently the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo DVD looks like a burned copy of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and this is confusing some people. Obviously. I would probably also be confused because COME ON. -Telegraph
  • Jimmy Fallon did another Tim Tebowie performance last night. What’s the deal with Tim Tebow? Is he only famous because of his religion? This is a real question, please answer it if you know the answer. -Popwatch
  • Here is a terrifying video of someone cutting in line at a gas station, resulting in a fireball, that I am only OK with watching because I read the description first and in the description it tells you that nobody got hurt. You guys! Don’t drive cars! Just stay in your homes! -TheDailyWhat
  • Here is a bit of RED HOT celeb gossip. Guess what? Johnny Depp could have possible spent the night with an Olsen twin and also could have possible DONE IT with her that night. Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa! Your dream come true! -Dlisted
  • Darron Aronofsky cast Russel Crowe as Noah in his Noah’s Arc movie. Every time I see a picture of Darron Aronofsky I think, “NO, really?” And then I think, “What?” And then I think, “I guess I remember…” That guy looks not how you’d picture him! -FilmDrunk