I’m All Ghost In The Supermarket

BOO! Did I scare you? Wait, really? Are you serious? Oh my god, I cannot believe you were scared by that. I literally just typed “boo” and all you did was read it, and it SCARED you? Wow, maybe I underestimated how delicate you are. Maybe I shouldn’t even share this spooky story from Australia with you. The spooky story I just heard, about how a ghost was seen throwing a candybar in a supermarket on their CCTV late at night, and how the store owner was told that the supermarket was haunted before he bought it, and how in this news story about it they throw in a fact about how a guy was once shot and killed outside of the supermarket and the bullet hole is still there, as if that adds to the fun anecdote about the ghost story, but really it’s like WTF a guy was really murdered there and this is how you’re going to talk about it? As evidence to back up your lighthearted ghost story? What the hell, Australia morning Today-like talk show? But then anyway, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE — IF YOU DARE TO FIND IT!

If I happen to die outside of a supermarket and then am doomed to haunt that supermarket for all of eternity, and the best I can do is make a candybar fall, and then some jerkoffs make fun of it on a TV show, I am going to be VERY upset with my situation. I’ll tell you that much. (Via Abroath.)