Combining Passions: Cracking Whips And Playing Harmonica

It’s not often in life that you get to witness someone discovering their ability to combine two of their passions into one PERFECT passion. The chicken fiddler is an obvious example. Another example would be whenever George Clooney pulls a prank (first passion being prank pulling, second passion being Being George Clooney). But this morning I’d like to offer a third example from Adam Winrich, who, as he explains in the YouTube description of this video, has been playing harmonic almost as long as he’s been cracking whips, and thought he’d “finally start working on combing the two.” To which I’d reply: WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG, ADAM WINRICH?! Here you are, playing harmonica and cracking whips separately for Heaven knows how long, keeping all of us from the little slice of joy we’re about to witness, like a JERK. You’re lucky you finally got your act together, Adam Winrich. And so are we.

Thank you, Adam. And for the rest of you, please learn from Adam’s example and begin to combine all of your passions. Obviously the results are going to be very good. (Via Presurfer.)