Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Holy moly, look how amazing Michelle Dockery (+ Tom Hiddleston) looks in these photos from Time! Very good! Good job, lady! Looking good! -Time
  • Want to read something? Ok, great! Here is the story about how Sue Galloway, who was originally cast as an extra in the 30 Rock writers room, came to have her own weird character on the show. You’ll like it! -CoCreate
  • Speaking of Thursday night, Community got really good ratings last night! It is most likely because Big Bang Theory wasn’t on to compete with it, since Big Bang Theory is America’s #1 show, but it’s still good? Right? Hooray for them. -Vulture
  • Here are a bunch of celebrities talking about St. Patrick’s Day, from Conan last night. What are you going to do for it? Wear a lot of green and have a bus take you around to every bar in town today, and then keep drinking all night and then go to some sort of parade tomorrow? That’s what you’re doing, right? Happy St. Pats! What fun! -TeamCoco
  • Not sure why everyone is talking about George Clooney getting arrested today, when Russel Brand got arrested YESTERDAY for throwing someone’s cell phone through a window. Helloooooooo. -TMZ
  • This is a review of 21 Jump Street. You guys see that movie yet? What did you think? Love it? Love it/love it? If you didn’t see it, are you going to go this weekend? WTF? -FilmDrunk
  • You guys like Zelda? Probably, right? Want to see two girls playing a Zelda song on harp? Probably, right? Just to hear it, because you’re thinking that it’s def gonna be beautiful? And you only live once? Great. -Dlisted
  • And, finally, here is Gerard Depardieu talking to Graham Norton about the time he peed on a plane. -TheDailyWhat