Live Your Dreams, Make Your “My Heart Will Go On” Cover Video

You only get one life. Just one chance to do all of the things you’ll ever want to do, and then you’re dead, and you’re dead forever. There’s no going back. With that in mind, doesn’t it seem a little silly to let fear of failure or embarrassment stop you from doing anything you want to do? You’re going to die soon! “JUST DO IT.” Have fun with it. Stop spending your time daydreaming about how your cover of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” will sound, or how the accompanying video will look, and friggen RECORD THAT COVER! Storyboard that video! Get one of your friends to record it for you, or maybe get your mom to do it if you happen to be a very tiny child! It’s going to turn out beautiful, no matter HOW it actually turns out, because it’s going to be a testament to your love of life, and your “try anything once” attitude. Plus Titanic 3D is coming out soon, and what better way to celebrate? (Not that I’m trying to say your love of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” is strictly in conjunction with your love of Titanic, I know that they’re two totally separate loves and I don’t mean to diminish that.) So, come on. I’m already so proud of you! Let this child be your guide:

And isn’t that just what life is all about. (Via BuzzFeed.)