This Week In GIFs!

Hey, so, Bear Grylls was fired this week. Gabe wrote about it, and I thought it would only be right to find some Bear Grylls GIFs to remember the guy by, so I searched for them and oh my god DO NOT SEARCH FOR BEAR GRYLLS GIFS! That was a total surprise. It’s not like a google image searched some sort of skin disease I was curious about, and it’s like, well, what did I expect, I just searched for GIFs of a man with a television show! I didn’t expect to honestly WANT TO BARF. How does anyone watch that TV show when I can’t even watch a short GIF from it?! I’m glad it was canceled!!!! TOO GROSS 4 TV! So please, follow me after the jump for GIFs of people NOT eating raw zebras and exploding bugs.

Jonah Hill hosted Saturday Night Live!

We found out that you and Chace Crawford have the same dream date!

Not very many of us watched Game Change!

Courtney Love said that the Muppets raped Kurt Cobain!

We watched the fourth episode of Downton Abbey!

Luck was canceled!

Michael Cera finally found the one!

And, finally, Thursday night TV happened!