That’s Michael Cera’s Girlfriend: Allison

“As a celebrity, it is incredibly hard to meet people. I mean, you meet people all the time, but it’s very hard to get to know them, or to trust their motivations. Are they just after your Youth in Revolt money? Do they just want to hang out with the cast of Paper Heart? Is it glitz and glamour they are after, or do they really like you for who you are, and how do you even know the difference when sometimes it feels like everyone’s an actor? And even if you were to learn that their motivations are true, it’s still hard to get to know them as a person. They’re either doing their best to impress you, which I guess everyone does in relationships but somehow it does feel different when you’re a celebrity. The effort is more intense. The flopsweat is somehow more damp. And then you’ve got the backdrops: I don’t even remember how people interacted before their only backdrops were premiere parties, press junkets, awards shows, and celebrity-filled dinner parties and “game nights” up in the hills. What did they do? Go to Pizza King? I don’t remember. But, this is my life now, and I deserve love as much as anyone else. It’s hard to find time for dating with a busy shooting schedule, but if I were able to pick my dream girl I guess her name would be Allison, she would be very young, with brown hair, and a basic understanding of MS Paint. She would say “hi” a lot and that’s actually probably the only thing she would say. P.S. She wouldn’t be crazy.”

-Michael Cera

They are meant 2 be 3gether! (Via RatsOff!)