Do Something That Terrifies You Every Never

I was at a neighborhood bar last night, hold your applause, and in the bathroom of this particular neighborhood bar the walls are chalk board walls and someone had written “Remember, you ARE free” on one of them. This has actually been written in there every time I’ve been there, even though they regularly refresh the chalk board walls, which seems weird now that I think about it, and it’s maybe because a ghost keeps rewriting it, who knows, but every time I see this I think — “Uh, yeah, I remember that. I’m at a bar in Brooklyn.” And I imagine the person writing it thinking, “If this changes ONE persons life, it’ll be worth it.” And I get so annoyed with that totally imaginary person, thinking that they’re going to do anything by writing something in chalk on a bathroom wall, that I think about it EVEN into the next day, obviously. Ugh! That person is the worst! But now I’m watching this video of a guy going down the La Plagne Olympic bobsled run, and I have absolutely no idea why he is doing it, and he looks so terrified the whole time, and I have to imagine that it is all because at one point or another in his life he forgot that he WAS free, and I’m just thinking, GUY! YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS BATHROOM I KNOW ABOUT!

Remember, you ARE free!!! (Via TheAwesomer.)