The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Waaazaaaaaaap! How is everyone doing today? Your’e all doing great, I hope! Is it nice where you live? It’s nice where I live, which makes viewing ten animal videos EVEN better because I get to have my window open while I watch them. Doesn’t that sound nice? Maybe you should open your window, even if it isn’t nice where you live. Let a little fresh air in. You’re going to need it, so you don’t suffocate from all of the ADORABLE VIDEOS you’re about to watch. I would hate to murder you! I MEAN IT, OFFICERS! This week, like most weeks, we have a bunch of cats and dogs, but also we have an opossum, and ALSO we have an incredible little red panda that probably a lot of you have seen already but probably you should watch that video again? It’s a very good video. LET’S GET TO THEM!

10. Cat Acts Like A Dog

9. Dirty Elephants

8. Penguins Walking Around First Class During Flight

7. A Dog Bounces A Ball On Its Nose Fifteen Times

6. Dog Tries To Run Up A Slide

5. Snowboarding Opossum

4. Tiny Little Hedgehog Babies

3. Fancy Kitten Video

2. Chimp Reading A Magazine

1. Red Panda Plays With A Pumpkin

Because our top ten animal video countdown goes up only once a week (for WHATEVER reason), there are sometimes cases where videos have been seen many times by everybody already. This may be the case for the “Red Panda Plays With A Pumpkin” video. Last night while I was working on this list, I showed that video to a few friends who were in the room with me and every single person had already seen it. WHAT GIVES? So I apologize if that’s the case with you, which is a lie, because I would never apologize for presenting that video for you to watch again and again and again because that video is INCREDIBLE! Oh my goodness! What an insanely cute thing! YOU’RE WELCOME! The chimp reading a magazine is also incredible, and if I were a grade school teacher giving my students some silent reading time I would put a GIF of that on the smart board for the duration. The fancy kitten video is certainly a bit much, but you can’t help what’s CUTE, and that goes for the baby hedgehog video as well. Snowboarding opossum is just cool.