What Is Michael Bay’s New Reality Show?!

Michael Bay, director of Transformers, discoverer of Megan Fox, champion of Shia Labeouf, friend of Brett Ratner (I assume), visionary, is finally taking his big screen personality into all of our living rooms with a reality show! Great! Just what we all need! Michael Bay to have more money and TV to have more garbage! From Deadline:

A&E has put in development an unscripted reality series executive produced by feature director-producer Michael Bay. The untitled project, a competition reality series that promises to test the strength of the family unit like never before, is being produced by Bay’s Platinum Dunes and Shed Media US (Supernanny).

It sounds super secretive, and it already sounds super good. Love the idea that it’s going to test the strength of the family unit — because the strength of that thing needs to be testest constantly — but HOW is he going to test it exactly?! Some guesses:

  • A family is told that they have a long-lost son, and then that long-lost son is going to show up and their house and he’s going to be a transformer. The family will be tested on how well they welcome the transformer into their home and at the end of the week they’ll be told that it isn’t their long lost son, it’s just a transformer.
  • Megan Fox flirts with a dad.
  • The new girl that Michael Bay got to replace Megan Fox flirts with the same dad, right after Megan Fox flirts with him.
  • A family is knocked out and then dropped onto the set of Transformers and you see how they react.
  • A family has to either starve their youngest child for one day, or watch Transformers 1 on a loop all day.

Any of those would be perfect. I hope this TV show is picked up forever and ever, and it never ends, and when we all get to Heaven Michael Bay is the EP of all the TV in Heaven.