It’s Important To Remember That Reh Dogg Is Still Doing It

It has been years and years since Reh Dogg became THEIR generation’s Antoine Dodson with his hit single, “Why Must I Cry,” which in Internet time is centuries and centuries. He might as well be an ACTUAL dinosaur, stomping through the crazy jungle and getting all his blood trapped in the mosquito ambers. “Welcome…to Reh Dogg Park!” (We should just end this blog post here because it’s perfect. I think my favorite part about it is that you can just read it and it makes sense to you.) But even if the Internet has moved on, Reh Dogg hasn’t. For every new Double Rainbow Guy or “viral restaurant review” of The Olive Garden, there are 100 new Reh Dogg videos. It’s important (is it?) to know that Reh Dogg is still out there, spitting truth like hot crazy. His latest video is posted after the jump, but it’s really just an illustration of how hard Reh Dogg don’t never give up. If he stopped making handheld music videos of himself running through the woods in his camouflage gear, if those videos were to simply stop, then how would he ever BRING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT? You need to use your head. Reh Dogg won’t quit.

Keep going, Reh Dogg. You keep going. (Thanks for the tip, Jed.)