Hey, You And Chace Crawford Have The Same Dream Date!

Can you believe that Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl’s Nate Archibald, is currently single? I KNOW. Who would have thought such a normal looking and seeming guy, a guy as normal looking and seeming as a tiny little porcelain doll brought to life by an evil witch, could have gone this long without finding the perfect woman. Life is crazy sometimes. And just as crazy as life (very good wording) is how Chace Crawford is still single, EVEN THOUGH you guys have the same idea of the perfect date! From Big Pond News:

The ‘Gossip Girl’ actor is currently single and thinks his perfect date to woo a girl would be dinner and then an evening watching his favourite band.

He told Closer magazine: ‘I can’t find The One. I’m a massive fan of the Black Eyed Peas, so going to one of their gigs with a girl and then dinner would be perfect.’

What the heck??? Where have you been all of each others’ lives! Crazy to think how you’re both out there, wanding around this silly globe, each looking for The One, when your The One is staring right back at you each week when you watch Gossip Girl. “If only I can find a man to take me to a BEP gig before dinner — but no, that man does not exist. We all have to settle at some point, and I’ll just have to settle for less,” you’re thinking. How foolish you are sometimes! I hope you take this as inspiration and drive to never give up on getting exactly what you want. Get it, girl!