Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here is a Lucille Bluth/Mitt Romney mashup, because of course here is that. -Uproxx
  • Bill O’Reilly is super upset about Drew doing it with his GF on Parenthood. -Zap2It
  • Breaking Lindsay Lohan hair news: Lindsay Lohan has RED HAIR AGAIN. So sorry if your day is ruined because although you’re happy she’s back to red, the shock of it all has exploded your entire body. -DailyMail
  • The house from Home Alone sold for one million dollars fewer than its asking price! Why didn’t we buy that house! We could all be living in it right now together, having the best time! -ONTD
  • Hahah, oh my god, ok — think of the best title you can for an animated Sherlock Holmes inspired movie for children. Are you thinking of it? Is it the best title you can think of? Did you think of SHERLOCK GNOMES? You got it! You’re a genius, too! -BleedingCool
  • Zachary Quinto has to shave his eyebrows in a weird way so he can make them into Spock eyebrows for the Star Trek movie, and isn’t it weird to think that, at least to some extent, he assumes that people KNOW they’re that way because he’s doing the Star Trek movie? Isn’t that crazy? To walk around looking weird but have it be fine because every stranger knows why you look that way? HELLO? -Dlisted
  • Alternatively, I’m pretty sure nobody knows why Shia Labeouf looks like this. -FilmDrunk
  • Here is a tiny magician who is also a tiny comedian, named Kyle Eschen. This is a video from the the 2008 World Magic Awards, and I’m not sure why we’re all just seeing it now, but relax. It’s fine. -TheDailyWhat