Vin Diesel Presents The Ropes

There are two legendary stories that have never quite managed to make it to the big (or little) screen. The first is Terry Gilliam’s famous attempt to adapt Miguel De Cervantes’s Don Quixote, which has already resulted in one uncomfortable documentary about incredible failure, but which, like Don Quixote himself, Gilliam refuses to give up on. The second is a fictional representation of the trials and tribulations of the New York nightclub bouncer community. Projects about this important story have been stalled for decades and destroyed careers. Until now.

THE ROPES is an inside look into the hilarious, explosive world of nightclub security. The series follows the naive Martin (Ryan Ahern), who hustles his way into a job as a bouncer before being taken under the wing of Big Vic (F. Valentino Morales), a club legend, who prides himself on being the epitome of a fighter and ladies man. But soon, Martin is lured into a nefarious underworld by Les (Gonzalo Menendez), another bouncer with his own crooked outlook. It’s then that Martin must wrestle with his head and heart as he navigates a world shaped by bribes, beautiful women and – above all — brotherhood.

The eternal struggle of a man wrestling with his head and heart in a world of beautiful women. Obviously, this could only come from THE MIND of Vin Diesel, who produced this powerful feature film web series and directed early episodes. Obviously. No diggity no doubt. Wait until you see the trailer. If they gave out Academy Awards for trailers for web series The Ropes would be OUR generation’s The Artist:

So many heads wrestling with so many hearts. So many brass poles used as weapons. Fun Fact: most bouncers end up getting their jobs after someone chases them through an alley with a baseball bat. Not sure when the “hilarious” part of the show’s official description kicks in. Was it the guy asking who was going to drive his date home when she dumped him to start dating the nightclub? LOL? This show looks real good. Remember when people were surprised and laudatory about Vin Diesel’s unexpected performance in Sidney Lumet’s Find Me Guilty? Old news. It’s all about The Ropes now. True art.