Who Should Lindsay Lohan Play In The Muppet Movie?

After her surprisingly great appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend that everyone is still raving about, the Lindsay Lohan Career Bus continues to barrel down Success Highway. I think. I didn’t actually see SNL, and I haven’t really been paying attention to the public discourse, but did it go great? Everyone loved it? She’s perfect and back on top? Nice. Well get even MORE excited (on top of the excitement you still have from watching her successful and hilarious and natural and comfortable turn hosting Saturday Night Live) for her possible upcoming role in the next Muppet movie! From ONTD:

“Lindsay has been mentioned as a possible cameo in the next movie but she would love it to be more,” reveals a source close to the former child star. “She’s a huge fan of the Muppets and would love to play a significant part in their next project. She has a great idea that involves she and Miss Piggy meeting in rehab!”

Haha. Cool idea, Lindsay. Where do you get your ideas?! Anyway, this sounds wonderful. You know, FOR KIDS! Lindsay Lohan, who is practically a kid herself in a way that does stress me out if I ever stop to think about it just considering how much of a tough road she’s already had to stumble down face-first, but as someone who is in touch with the youth of today, she knows what is a fun idea for kids and puppets. But let’s be realistic for a second: Lindsay Lohan isn’t going to play herself as a recovering addict in the Muppet movie. Sorry, Lindsay. It was a great idea, for sure. But let’s brainstorm some other characters you can play. How about:

Janice from the band? Or….that’s it. She can play Janice. GOODNIGHT FOLKS!