The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! Wednesday afternoon! Wednesday afternoon is finally here, thank god, and now we can watch all the animal videos we’ve been saving all week! We have a lot of good ones today. I say that every week, as if I am a late night talk show host talking about having good guests that night, and I will continue to say it every week, because every week it is true, because at the end of the day you’re still going to be watching cute videos of animals being dummies and how could that EVER BE BAD? This week we have a musical dog, probably the best musical dog we’ve seen yet if you can believe it, some kittens, some piglets, a BABY SLOTH, and probably even some other things. You’re gonna love it. So, please. Let’s just watch them. We’ve already wasted way too much time not watching them. C’MON!

10. Poor Rhino Would Just Like Some Sleep

9. Baby Monkey And Kitten Fight

8. Dog Is Surprised By Lots Of Tennis Balls

7. Baby Sloth Stuff

6. Cat Plays With Humidifier

5. Little Puppy Learning To Howl

4. Cute Piglets, Mostly, Until Something Else Happens

3. Dog Loves Its Toy Mouse And Is So Sad When It Stops

2. Baby Goats Follow Running Girl

1. Another Dog Sings And Plays Piano

I know that we’ve had a dog playing piano in the countdown once before, obviously, why wouldn’t there be so many videos of dogs playing piano on the internet, but let me just say that animals playing music will always have a place in this countdown, no matter how many times we’ve seen them. Videos of animals playing music are the absolute best. Also, in the other video, the dog was only playing piano because there was a tennis ball on top of the piano that it wanted to get. It wasn’t genuinely ENJOYING playing the piano and singing along, like this perfect dog is. SO THAT’S WHY IT’S NUMBER ONE! Are you happy now? Jesus. Everything else is pretty much just cute, you can probably figure that out for yourselves, except for the sloth video, which is cute and VERY informative and also sad. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!