Guessing Parks And Recreation’s Multiple Endings, For Fun!

Last night, a few members of the Parks and Recreation cast, along with producer and director Dean Holland, executive producer Daniel Goor, and creator Mike Schur, held a panel at PaleyFest, during which they talked about how the fourth season will end and what to expect in the fifth. “More being the best, less Ann being a nurse, more jokes, more things, etc.” pretty much. You can read all about it here, if you want to! But if you don’t want to, STAY TUNED here for the most interesting part, AKA the part that can lead to a game, from The Hollywood Reporter:

“We shot actually three different endings, partially because we want to make sure that the one we are choosing is the right and we reserve the right to change our minds and also partly just to confuse people,” Schur explained. “There may be” a last minute switch. Will the chosen outcome affect season 5 in any way? “We wrote it in such a way that everything up until the moment we played that scene, it could go either way,” he says. We have the ability to choose Path A, Path B or Path C. We’ll wait to edit it, see how it plays, see how we all feel about it and then we’ll make our choice.”

THREE PATHS? That’s one more path than you’d expect from an episode about the outcome of an election! So why not play a guessing game about that path? Right? What the hell else are we doing? WE DESERVE IT.

  • Ann returns to the hospital and they say, “Who are you?” And Ann says, “Oh, I’m a nurse. My name is Ann. I work here.” And they say, “We don’t have any nurses named Ann at this hospital.” And Ann says, “No…I mean, yes you do. Me. Ann.” Then she shows them her nurses’s badge, and the lady she was talking to gives her a knowing look and says, “Oooh right, Ann…The nurse.” And then she takes Ann to a floor with pretend hospital rooms and pretend patients because Ann is not really a nurse, how could she be, she works at the Parks department, but she is crazy and they like to humor her.
  • Adam Scott proposes to Leslie and they get married and it’s so beautiful.
  • April and Aziz Ansari realize they are very in love and they run away and get married, but then April realizes she is already married but she says it doesn’t matter, but then in fifth season you find out that IT DOES.
  • The cast decides to use both their character names and their real names on the show interchangeably to make life easier for me specifically.
  • Aaron Paul guest stars as himself and announces that he’s moved to Pawnee and after that he’ll become a regular cast member, and he’ll be so good.

Probably one of those, but feel free to make your own guesses! I’m sure we’ll find out who’s right someday! Probably!