We talk a lot about the Robot Uprising here and, needless to say, we have always been on point. Our death at the cold hand of technology remains imminent, and our fear has been justified yet again by this robot you’re about to see that gallops way faster than any of us can gallop and that, once it Comes Online or whatever, will eventually gallop right onto our stupid, SUSPECTING faces, and kill us all, taking our planet as its Robot Planet and maybe doing a lot better with it than we have done with it as Human Planet, who knows. We’ve already dealt with the serious threat of a running robot, but it looks like our warnings and opposition have again fall on deaf, icarian ears.  After the jump you will find video of “Cheetah,” a robot which can run up to 18 MPH, beating the previous robot-with-legs running record of 13 MPH. You know, for all the times we need robots to run really fast and NOT destroy humanity?

Why don’t you spend a little less time developing robots that can beat most humans in foot races, and a little more time developing an affordable car that when I say “drive me to Philadelphia” it drives me to Philadelphia and I don’t have to drive myself at all, and I can just sit in the back and read a book? HUH? (Via Geekologie.)